Whether you are creating a personal blog, an eCommerce site or a site for your business, the look and functionality of the site is highly important. While there are some great free Wordpress themes out there, they all have some similar problems in common.  The most common problem with free themes is that everybody uses them. 

Your free theme might look good for a while, but in a few months you may start to notice hundreds of other sites that look just like yours. Worst of all, these other sites are significantly more likely to be filled with spam, now imagine that kind of association, and how it can impact your own brand image.

The simple solution is to have someone build or modify a theme for you.  This doesn't seem like a huge deal, until you look at the price tag.  For a complete cutom build or modification you will generally be looking at between $500 ato $4000 dollars depending on the complexity and the changes you need.

What you need is a nice median, something that helps make a unique and functional site, but doesn't appear everywhere on the Internet.  This is where premium Wordpress plugins come in.

Premium Wordpress themes generally cost between $40 and $100 dollars, they look great, often have extra functionality and best off all, lower quality sites don't often spend the extra money on premium themes!