Saturday, 6 October 2012

Thesis 2 is Live!

One of my favorite Wordpress themes of all time has to be the Thesis Platform, and Thesis 2.0 (Get it here!) makes it even better. However, A word of warning, it is also a little more complicated!

I created this introductory video guide to Thesis 2 installation and basics just to help describe the intricacies of the new platform,

But what is Thesis 2? (incase you cannot understand my Yorkshire accent!)

Thesis 2 is a development framework for Wordpress that heavily reduces the amount of coding you have to do, without restricting creativity (something that most code reduction plugins annihilate).

Thesis 2 allows you to quickly and easily build, re-arrange and restyle divs, while still retaining all the freedom you need if you want to do something special, without having to break the theme!

The key thing about Thesis 2, in my opinion, is that even though you barely have to write any code, you still kinda have to understand it. Don't expect to be able to jump straight in to this if you don't have website building experience.

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