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When you are looking at Premium WordPress theme designers you may find yourself a little spoilt for choice.  Fortunately we can help ease the burden with some summaries of the best Premium Wordpress Theme designers on one page!

Color Labs

Color Labs are one of my favorite premium Wordpress theme designers.  Unlike much of their lower competition Color Labs helps provide you with some truly unique Wordpress themes, not just the same old themes with a few new images thrown in.

Their track record of creating themes that provide something new each time means that you are much more likely to find the perfect out of the box theme for a unique idea here, and best of all, they have a fantastic deals page where you can get amazing discounts on some of their best WordPress themes!

DIY Themes

DIY  Themes is the brainchild of Chris Pearson, and it does infact only have one theme, Thesis. This might not sound too impressive until you find out that at a recent survey at a  major internet Marketing conference over 70% of the Internet Marketers surveyed said that they use the Thesis theme on their sites.

Thesis is not a prebuilt theme, but rather an easily customizable Wordpress theme framework that is incredibly easy to modify to your liking.

If you want your site to be a Website rather than just a blog, Thesis is most definitely your friend.

Woo Themes

Woo Themes give a single sale and a subscription option to their themes, and if you want to run a large network of unique looking websites I would strongly suggest using their subscription option.

As well as providing hundreds of great lookign themes with unbeatable support, Woo Themes also released a fantastic premium eCommerce solution for WordPress option called Woo Commerce.  Woo Commerce allows you to easily turn a Wordpress install in to an eCommerce site. It makes inventory management, shipping and tax, sales, and shopping a breeze, and in true Woo Themes style it has plenty of themes available to help oyu make it look unique!

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