Saturday, 6 October 2012

Thesis 2 is Live!

One of my favorite Wordpress themes of all time has to be the Thesis Platform, and Thesis 2.0 (Get it here!) makes it even better. However, A word of warning, it is also a little more complicated!

I created this introductory video guide to Thesis 2 installation and basics just to help describe the intricacies of the new platform,

But what is Thesis 2? (incase you cannot understand my Yorkshire accent!)

Thesis 2 is a development framework for Wordpress that heavily reduces the amount of coding you have to do, without restricting creativity (something that most code reduction plugins annihilate).

Thesis 2 allows you to quickly and easily build, re-arrange and restyle divs, while still retaining all the freedom you need if you want to do something special, without having to break the theme!

The key thing about Thesis 2, in my opinion, is that even though you barely have to write any code, you still kinda have to understand it. Don't expect to be able to jump straight in to this if you don't have website building experience.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Support Press Premium Support Theme for Wordpress

You can Buy this Theme or view a Live Demo!

Support Press is a unique premium Wordpress plugin that takes a simple Wordpress install and  turns it in to a full knowledge base and support ticket solution for your customers.

Combining the Knowledge base with ticket support and messages and even a  high profile notification spot, SupportPress provides a simple yet effective management system for your support staff and a great way to help your users find the help they need.

As with most modern premium Wordpress themes, Support Press works well with most mobile browsers. Providing different layouts for different devices.  It helps ensure that no matter what device a person is using, they can find the help they need fast.

While SupportPress is a great support theme, it is pretty much single minded.  This means if you want to combine it with a sales or memebrship site, you should probably consider keeping it as a backend support solution rather than the key theme for your site.

If you think the Support Press premium Wordpress theme is perfect for your site, then you can buy it Here!

Estate Expert Premium Real Estate Wordpress Theme

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If you are a realtor then building a great looking website should be a huge priority for you.  It allows you to attract no only local business, but also capture people from all around the world who are looking to move in to your city.

Unfortunately getting somebody to build a great looking highly functional website can easily cost over $3000, and chances are it will still not be anything special, especially if you are up against companies that can afford to spend tens of thousands on their own Internet portfolio.

The Estate Expert premium Wordpress theme is a stunning example of just how good a real estate website can be, it is intuitive, feature rich, looks fantastic, and quickly lets you build a strong online presence to help ensure your properties get seen.

Estate Expert really is a Wordpress theme for Realtors, and while it is a premium theme, the attractive design and inbuilt functionality ensure that anyone who visits will not only be impressed, but they can also easily find properties that suit their needs.

Estate Expert is not just another Wordpress theme. it comes with dozens of additional features from a dedicated property search to a fully functional Google Maps integration. The simple yet effective layout helps direct people to the point where they are most likely to want to buy, and that's when you can step in and collect that commission.

Estate Expert is by far the best WordPress theme available for estate agents, and can be a huge boost to the online campaign of any realtor looking to not only improve their image, but also increase conversions from their traffic.

You can find out More about Estate Expert Here!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Modernizm Personal Magazine Wordpress Theme

You can Buy this Theme or View a Live Demo
Modernizm is a fantastic premium theme for WordPress that helps you create your own personal brand.  Photographers, musicians, artists and even business professionals can make use of this theme.

While there are better business themes out there, and even better artistic WordPress themes.  This beautifully crafted layout is by far the best Wordpress theme out there that lets you showcase yourself.

Unlike many other themes it uses a great mix of featured areas, recent posts and informative layouts to provide an information rich and attractive navigation while avoiding confusion and clutter, which adversely affect many premium Wordpress themes that try to achieve a similar style.

Modernizm definitely is a unique theme for Wordpress, but even more uniquely than that, it is the only theme that I really think pulls of a resume Wordpress theme successfully.  With a little care a site with this design could easily be your online resume, helping you show off who you are, and what you can provide.

As with all personal portfolio sites when you use a portfolio wordpress theme you really want to make sure it looks good. Of course making any site look good is important, but when you are designing a site that is selling yourself you need it to be something special.  The Modernizm premium Wordpress theme definitely helps with that.

You can find out more about Modernizm Here!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Entreprenium Premium Business WordPress Theme

You can Download this theme, or view a Live Demo!

The Entreprenium Premium Business WordPress Theme offers a fantastic sleek and modern design. It really is perfect for any business looking for a professional Wordpress theme that exudes a technical, competent and successful edge.

One of the things I love about the Entreprenium premium Wordpress theme is that it works beautifully on all devices, not just your computer.  This premium theme will look just as good on an iPad or iPhone as it would on your laptop!

Entreprenium provides everything you would need for a sole or small business website.  It's professional business like look combined with a well laid out structured design to give your visitors the information they need make this a groundwork for a great site, what I really love however is the portfolio page integration of this premium Wordpress theme, which lets you easily show off past client work you have done!

If this was not already enough, Entreprenium comes with a jquery slider, social media integration, customizable widgets, thumbnail resizer and a simple admin panel to help you get the very most out of your website, and your visitors.

All in all Color Labs say it the best, Entreprenium is all about creating your brand, or creating you as a brand.

If you want to stand out, then this is the best premium Wordpress theme for you.

Arthemia Premium Magazine Wordpress Theme

The magazine premium wordpress theme style is something that has turns a simple Wordpress blog in to an interactive website. 

Arthemia Premium is no exception, and is one of my favorite premium Wordpress magazine themes. If you want a hands on check out the Arthemia Premium Demo!

Arthemia Premium brings a great looking premium magazine theme to Wordpress, and provides a huge amount of customizability to the colors of the theme itself.  As with many themes by Color Labs you can get some brilliant support, inbuilt thumbnail resizing, advertisement management and drop down navigation.

My favorite part of this premium magazine WordPress theme is the featured items area though.   As well as having a large headline box, Arthemia also comes with a scrolling list of featured items.  This lets you show off the most important news, while still having a rotating list of other important items sliding past a readers view.

It definitely helps attract attention and can even help with conversion if you are trying to get people away form your home page and on to your sales pages.

If your goal is to create an online magazine, then this section is also just as good for talking about breaking stories, and displaying other top stories to your readers!

If you like the Arthemia Premium Wordpress Theme, you can buy it Here!

Thesis Premium Wordpress Theme

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community
Thesis is quite possibly my favorite premium Wordpress theme.  Unlike many premium Wordpress themes it doesn't actually come with a great design.  Instead, Thesis provides an easy to modify framework and amazing support to help you create your won unique theme, without having to worry so much about the code.

While Thesis definitely has lofty code-free goals the truth of the matter is that while it is easy to create a good looking theme with Thesis without coding, if you want it to do anything special you will need to get your hands dirty.

When it comes to coding in Thesis you are in for a real treat.  This is the best Wordpress theme I have ever worked with when it comes to modifying and altering the code itself. Thesis does this by supplying an intuitive system of hooks and filters along with a comprehensive admin design modification panel.

If you have absolutely no coding knowledge then this may not be the best option for you.  It does however have an amazing support forum where you can get help with nearly any problem you have with the Thesis WordPress theme.

While so far I have talked about Thesis being complicated, it makes things like changing the number of columns, column widths, colors, fonts and styles a breeze. The design options are phenomenal for those who hate coding, and they let you build your own unique site without having to write a line of code. The simple customizable interface makes this a great option if you want to avoid coding in your Wordpress design, but still want to be able to apply some simple customizations.

You can find out more about Thesis Here!