Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Arthemia Premium Magazine Wordpress Theme

The magazine premium wordpress theme style is something that has turns a simple Wordpress blog in to an interactive website. 

Arthemia Premium is no exception, and is one of my favorite premium Wordpress magazine themes. If you want a hands on check out the Arthemia Premium Demo!

Arthemia Premium brings a great looking premium magazine theme to Wordpress, and provides a huge amount of customizability to the colors of the theme itself.  As with many themes by Color Labs you can get some brilliant support, inbuilt thumbnail resizing, advertisement management and drop down navigation.

My favorite part of this premium magazine WordPress theme is the featured items area though.   As well as having a large headline box, Arthemia also comes with a scrolling list of featured items.  This lets you show off the most important news, while still having a rotating list of other important items sliding past a readers view.

It definitely helps attract attention and can even help with conversion if you are trying to get people away form your home page and on to your sales pages.

If your goal is to create an online magazine, then this section is also just as good for talking about breaking stories, and displaying other top stories to your readers!

If you like the Arthemia Premium Wordpress Theme, you can buy it Here!

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