Thursday, 17 November 2011

Modernizm Personal Magazine Wordpress Theme

You can Buy this Theme or View a Live Demo
Modernizm is a fantastic premium theme for WordPress that helps you create your own personal brand.  Photographers, musicians, artists and even business professionals can make use of this theme.

While there are better business themes out there, and even better artistic WordPress themes.  This beautifully crafted layout is by far the best Wordpress theme out there that lets you showcase yourself.

Unlike many other themes it uses a great mix of featured areas, recent posts and informative layouts to provide an information rich and attractive navigation while avoiding confusion and clutter, which adversely affect many premium Wordpress themes that try to achieve a similar style.

Modernizm definitely is a unique theme for Wordpress, but even more uniquely than that, it is the only theme that I really think pulls of a resume Wordpress theme successfully.  With a little care a site with this design could easily be your online resume, helping you show off who you are, and what you can provide.

As with all personal portfolio sites when you use a portfolio wordpress theme you really want to make sure it looks good. Of course making any site look good is important, but when you are designing a site that is selling yourself you need it to be something special.  The Modernizm premium Wordpress theme definitely helps with that.

You can find out more about Modernizm Here!

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