Saturday, 19 November 2011

Estate Expert Premium Real Estate Wordpress Theme

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If you are a realtor then building a great looking website should be a huge priority for you.  It allows you to attract no only local business, but also capture people from all around the world who are looking to move in to your city.

Unfortunately getting somebody to build a great looking highly functional website can easily cost over $3000, and chances are it will still not be anything special, especially if you are up against companies that can afford to spend tens of thousands on their own Internet portfolio.

The Estate Expert premium Wordpress theme is a stunning example of just how good a real estate website can be, it is intuitive, feature rich, looks fantastic, and quickly lets you build a strong online presence to help ensure your properties get seen.

Estate Expert really is a Wordpress theme for Realtors, and while it is a premium theme, the attractive design and inbuilt functionality ensure that anyone who visits will not only be impressed, but they can also easily find properties that suit their needs.

Estate Expert is not just another Wordpress theme. it comes with dozens of additional features from a dedicated property search to a fully functional Google Maps integration. The simple yet effective layout helps direct people to the point where they are most likely to want to buy, and that's when you can step in and collect that commission.

Estate Expert is by far the best WordPress theme available for estate agents, and can be a huge boost to the online campaign of any realtor looking to not only improve their image, but also increase conversions from their traffic.

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