Saturday, 19 November 2011

Support Press Premium Support Theme for Wordpress

You can Buy this Theme or view a Live Demo!

Support Press is a unique premium Wordpress plugin that takes a simple Wordpress install and  turns it in to a full knowledge base and support ticket solution for your customers.

Combining the Knowledge base with ticket support and messages and even a  high profile notification spot, SupportPress provides a simple yet effective management system for your support staff and a great way to help your users find the help they need.

As with most modern premium Wordpress themes, Support Press works well with most mobile browsers. Providing different layouts for different devices.  It helps ensure that no matter what device a person is using, they can find the help they need fast.

While SupportPress is a great support theme, it is pretty much single minded.  This means if you want to combine it with a sales or memebrship site, you should probably consider keeping it as a backend support solution rather than the key theme for your site.

If you think the Support Press premium Wordpress theme is perfect for your site, then you can buy it Here!

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